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1. Text link: Radio Otvorena Mreža | UdriMuski

Domain: udrimuski.ba

Link: https://www.udrimuski.ba/radio-otvorena-mreza

Description: UdriMuski.ba, zajedno u borbi!

2. Text link: Sarajevo Rose - Wikipedia

Domain: en.wikipedia.org

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarajevo_Rose

Description: A Sarajevo Rose is a type of memorial in Sarajevo made from concrete scar caused by a mortar shell's explosion that was later filled with red resin.Mortar rounds landing on concrete during the Siege of Sarajevo created a unique fragmentation pattern that looks almost floral in arrangement, and therefore have been named "rose".. There are around 200 "roses" in the entire city, and they are ...

3. Text link: News press - Companies Serbia, Belgrade, Novi Sad

Domain: yumreza.net

Link: http://yumreza.net/yumreza-2003/Novine_i_stampa.htm

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