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It is .mo domain name extensions.
ipm.edu.mo has ranked 68th in Macao and 152754th on the world based on Alexa ranking.
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Title link: Macau Polytechnic Institute (MPI)
RANK: 152754
Country code: MO
Country name: Macao
Rank on country: 68
Host: ipm.edu.mo
Ref link: University of Macau: www.umac.mo/
Inter-University Institute of Macau: www.iium.edu.mo/
Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College: home.macau.ctm.net/~cskphc
Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT): ift.edu.mo/
澳門日報: www.macaodaily.com/
Macao Tourism and Casino Career Centre: www.ccc.edu.mo/
International Institute for Software Technology: www.iist.unu.edu/
澳門演藝學院: www.icm.gov.mo/Cons/indexC.asp
亞洲國際公開大學: www.aiou.edu/
澳門科技大學: www.must.edu.mo/
Domains same extension : edu.mo